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Great shot looking east from on top of the Madison range.

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Blue Ribbon Flies


Time for a Quick Dip in the River.

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Nick Hamill Photo

Thank you, Blue Ribbon Flies and Nick Hamill

A Couple of Days ago in Yellowstone Country

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Bucky and Sadie Canoe

Thank you Blue Ribbon Flies, in West Yellowstone.

Yellowstone National Park….. Coyote Fishing for Cut Throat Trout

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They say this is a coyote. I think it may be a small wolf because of the collar. ……What an awesome video

Where the Yellowstone Goes – Official Trailer

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The Bears are Awaking in Yellowstone. A Touch of Spring

April 3, 2012 1 comment
Bicycles On Roads
angling fees raised
.. The Public Affairs Office at Yellowstone National Park has been more active, lately, than usual. That’s a sure sign that they’re waking up along with the bears. .. The following news releases and information sources may be germane to your early Spring visitation.
1] Bears are awake, hungry, and dangerous, LINK,
 2] Seasonal bear closures, LINK,
 3] Bicycle travel prior to motorized travel, LINK,
 4] Angling fees raised, LINK,
 5] General Information page, LINK,
 6] Child porn case prosecuted, LINK,
 7] Yellowstone tweets, LINK,
8]  News releases, LINK,
 9] Current road conditions, LINK.
Thank You Flyfishing Yellowstone

Entire Town for Sale in Montana for $1.4M

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Daily Real Estate News |      Friday, March 02, 2012


If a home isn’t enough for your buyer, how about an entire town?A small village known as Pray, Mont., is for sale, which means one buyer could own his or her very own town for $1.4 million. The small village, founded in 1907, is about 30 miles north of Yellowstone National Park and boasts a population of 197, according to Census data.The five-acre scenic countryside town includes a four-unit trailer park, a now-closed general store, a post office, and other small buildings. The town falls along Highway 540 — once a heavily traveled route for tourists who were heading to Yellowstone National Park.“It’s a town,” Barbara Walker, the owner of the property, maintains. “There’s status in being able to own a town.” Plus, as the owner you get to wear multiple hats: Besides being the owner of the property, Walker says she’s also the unofficial mayor, sheriff, garbage control, and animal control officer for the town too.Source: “Got $1.4M to Spare? There’s a Tiny Montana Village for Sale,” The Daily (Feb. 27, 2012)