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Weekly Primary Mortgage Rates – August 31, 2012

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Regional Breakdown 30-Yr FRM 15-Yr FRM 5/1-Yr ARM 1-Yr ARM
Average Rates 3.59% 2.86% 2.78% 2.63%
Fees & Points 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.4
Margin N/A N/A 2.74 2.76

From Freddie Mac


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Utah Fly Fishing Club


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Weekly Primary Mortgage Market Survey – August 23, 2012

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Regional Breakdown 30-Yr FRM 15-Yr FRM 5/1-Yr ARM 1-Yr ARM
Average Rates 3.66% 2.89% 2.80% 2.66%
Fees & Points 0.7 0.7 0.6 0.4
Margin N/A N/A 2.74 2.77

Freddie Mac

Real Estate Tip of the Month

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Home Buying Don’ts

There is no doubt that the home buying process can get a little hectic. There are so many homes to look at, factors to consider, and papers to sign that even experienced home buyers can get a little overwhelmed. The tips below should help you get into the home of your dreams with the least amount of headaches and worries.

  • Do not go it alone. Make sure that you have a trained and experienced real estate agent working for you. A good agent will keep track of the day to day details of your transaction and make sure that you have all the paperwork taken care of.
  • Do not change job unless it is necessary. Lenders like stability. If a lender sees that you have a stable employment history there is less likely to be any trouble with your application.
  • Do not give an earnest money deposit directly to a for sale by owner seller. Your good faith deposit should go into a trust account. Some for sale by owner sellers don’t understand that funds are to be applied to your expenses at closing.
  • Do not forget to switch utilities. That sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to apply for utility service at their new home. Call the utility companies as soon as you have a contract.
  • Do not forget Hazard Insurance. Make sure that your home is covered in case of any disaster that might occur. This is doubly important because your lender will want to see an insurance binder demonstrating that your new home is covered

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Camargue wild horses

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This is a Must Read if You are Thinking of Putting Solar Panels on your Roof……

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If it is like this for solar panels, think about what it is going to be like with Obama Care!

Solar Panels

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Yellowstone Country

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Jerry Riordan

Thank you Blue Ribbon Flies and Jerry Riordan

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